SEO tips for construction companies

Christoffer Andrä


SEO for businesses in the craft industry is very important. Few people have construction companies top of mind as they go through life and if the need for a renovation or similar comes up, they will most likely Google their way to an answer. Unless you've got a firm on recommendation, that is.

Optimize your business for search

SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization and means to optimize your site for search engines, such as Google.

After all, it's Google that counts, at least here in Sweden. About 97% of Swedes use Google as their primary search engine.

Do you have a good company name to search?

Sometimes it can be a good idea to drop all the hip and cool business names and just call it like you are. Adding -ify or making up names that don't mean anything can make it hard for the customer, or searchers who haven't become customers yet, to understand your business. The same goes for Google. So spend time finding the right name for your business.

Scenario: Which company name do you think most people will click on if they are looking for someone who can carry out bathroom renovations in Tyresö?

Tyresö Bygg or Constructify?

In any case, I had chosen to click on Tyresö Bygg. Then I know they operate locally and can do research on the company. Maybe even through a neighbour, relative, friend or colleague who lives in the same area?

Help with names?

Marcus Karlsson at Rätt Namn can help you who already have a name to make a smooth name change, as well as help you who are thinking of starting your own business with a suitable name.

The local search

Creating a Google My Business profile for your business is incredibly important for local search. People searching for a local construction company and not just any construction company in Sweden. It also allows you to add your logo, collect reviews and respond to reviews that you receive throughout your work. You can then use these as quotes on your website or other marketing.

Learn more about SEO

We've written a series of articles on SEO from a few different angles. The most basic article on SEO covers what a search engine does and in another article we list 10 tips for successful SEO.  

Your customer's buying journey

In the video clip, you'll hear us talk a bit about the customer journey, sometimes called the customer journey. You can read more about it in our 2018 article called - the customer journey.

It is often said that a buying journey has nine (9) different parts, where SEO can fit in more or less on all parts. It really depends mostly on how you create content and when your customers are searching.  

Structured data

It may seem complicated, but as we talk about in the film, you can find some guides and templates online. Read up on how you can do it or get an expert to help you implement structured data the right way.

Transcription of the film with Christoffer Andrä on Pixel

Below is a paraphrased transcription of Qred's conversation with Christoffer Andrä at Pixel about his top SEO tips for construction companies.

What SEO tips do you have for Kalle Kulas Bygg?

For construction companies and everything in the construction industry, I would say to go for the local search. Are you in Vasastan in Stockholm or in Linköping? Then it's important to cater to those who are in the local area.

Then I would also say that Google My Business is a great way to be visible in search results. Especially when it comes to seeing reviews. Then of course visitors can comment and then you can provide answers directly in the search results.

How do I set up a Google My Business?

You can do this yourself by creating an account on Google. You will be asked to fill in information such as your address and phone number, and it is important that all the information is correct. That's how you do it.

You mention structured data as an important part?

Structured data is an easy way to tell more about your code, the HTML code, that you have on your page. It may seem complicated, which it really isn't. There are a lot of online ready-made templates for how to tag your code. It's a way to mark up the data and make it clear to Google so they can more easily present it in search results.

An example could be so-called star results as ratings directly in the search result. This makes your results stand out a bit. When there are 10 results on the front page and no one else has stars, you are more visible than your competitors. There are a plethora of ways to structure your data, such as an FAQ, where you get three questions directly in the search result.

In doing so, you also push down your competitors because you take up more space. So it's simply a good way to be more visible in search results.

You mention content that supports the buying journey as a tip. Will Kalle Kula become a blogger or influencer like Isabella Löwengrip?

Well, it doesn't have to be that way. On the other hand, if you take a buying trip, some people are at the beginning of the buying trip and don't know what they want. They might have an idea that they want to renovate a kitchen because they've seen inspiring photos on Instagram. Then it's good to have content for all parts of the buying journey. Are they in an information stage where they are searching for price, what cabinetry is available, what stove should I have, should I have a fan and what type of fan should I have? Then you have to cater for all those who are at that stage in the same way that you cater for those who are a little further along in their buying journey who know which person or company to use. Then you put the focus on the navigation search, so that you are visible on your own brand and that those searching for you get to the right page.

Then, when you're closer to a purchase or ready to renovate your kitchen, there's the transactional step when you know what you want. That's when you want to appear on terms such as "buy" in certain situations and combinations. That you have information that covers all parts of the buying journey.

You don't have to do a very thorough analysis, it could be that you ask family or friends who may not be familiar with the industry - what would you look for or what kind of information would be useful to you if you were renovating a kitchen?

Whatever part it is in the construction industry, I think a lot of people can relate to knowing their stuff and then it's easy to get tunnel vision and have preconceived notions about how people search. Then it's probably a good idea to step outside that bubble and find out what it looks like from those who don't work in what you do. How would they behave? What kind of information would have been important for Eva, 48, who wants to renovate her bathroom?

I think it's important to take a step back and look at the customer and the searcher, as we would say in SEO, and provide them with the information they need to make a decision.

Thanks Christoffer for all the SEO tips!

Many thanks to Christoffer for taking the time to talk SEO with us. There are several videos about SEO, marketing and entrepreneurship here on Qred. Click around and read, watch and listen more!

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