SEO tips for stores and e-commerce

Christoffer Andrä


Whether you run a physical store only, an online store only or both, you need to think about your search engine optimisation. The strategy and thinking may be a little different depending on whether you're optimising for your physical store or for your e-commerce business, but you can't escape the fact that search is an important channel for you.

Think about the local search

If your store is located in Borås, you can try to optimize for "Borås".

You can do this in a few ways. One way is to create and optimise your Google My Business. With a Google My Business profile, you can post your business name, logo, hours of operation, collect reviews and more. Additionally, should the searcher (we choose to refer to the person/customer to the searcher) be in Borås and search for "clothing store men", the local search would rank in the search results and perhaps drive the searcher to your store using the directions that are a click away.

Optimize your landing pages

Create content

Is the Ninja method of content marketing for you? 

Mattias Bergman of Commercial Content was a guest on our podcast and shared a time-efficient and simple method for content marketing. Episode #2 The Ninja Method of Content Marketing is almost 27 minutes long and gives you a clear rundown on how to think. If you want, you can read his strategy and listen to the episode at the same time by clicking on the link above.

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