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Christian Billing

Marketing Manager Sweden
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Yes, you almost read it right. But did you realize that one letter can change an entire word? 

That's right. Irma Arlert has founded a vegan restaurant with the clever name - MyVegina. 

All the food and drinks are completely vegan, and she came up with all the recipes herself, as she has been vegan for many years. 

"The supply 5-10 years ago was so incredibly poor. Now it's getting better, but we're not quite there yet," Irma explains. 

She got the idea for the restaurant while studying marketing at a school in Stockholm. The name has generated some PR over the years and she loves seeing people's reaction when they pass her shop window on Norrtullsgatan in central Stockholm. 

Irma behind the counter at MyVegina
Irma behind the counter at MyVegina
"It is still fun to see people's reaction when they pass by in their little world and read the sign or window. In fact, many couriers and postmen talk about how they wish they could deliver to my company and see what it's like in real life," Irma says. 

MyVegina opened its doors in 2018 and before the pandemic had around 20 employees in two restaurants and was a very popular choice for catering. 

The restaurant follows three basic pillars:

Veganism: Everything served at the restaurant is vegan.
Symbiosis: Nature is incredibly important to us. Therefore, the restaurant offers a green and beautiful environment where you can feel free and happy.
Feminism: Irma wants to celebrate the female body and Mother Earth, and therefore created the brand!

A green and calm atmosphere with lots of plants in the restaurant.
The restaurant stands out in a great way with lots of color and fun decor.
"Many people say the first 3-5 years are tough, but just as we were about to start accelerating and growing, the pandemic hit with full force. It was both tough and bad timing," Irma continues. 

Today, Irma is studying to become a rhetoric consultant, is a mother of two and continues to run MyVegina. Although it's stressful with children, full-time studies and her own restaurant, she loves that it's her own and that she can show her two sons that women can do it too - if you want to!

"I have a lot of energy and love people. That's why I do this," she concludes. 

On the menu you can find fresh sandwiches, salads, soups, smoothies and good drinks. If you're passing through Stockholm, it's definitely worth a visit. Or why not hire Irma and MyVegina for your next catering? 

Qred helped when others did not.

During the pandemic, the restaurant industry was notoriously difficult. Banks and other lenders often wanted to see long histories, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, etc. In addition, Irma was waiting for pandemic support that she could not include in her application for funding. 

Qred, on the other hand, was able to help when she needed it most, during the low season, which is usually between November and April. 

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Finally, we really want to thank Irma for letting us come and visit her. Good luck in the future! 

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