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Meet Sofie and Tomas at Byggtjänst i Veberöd AB

Christian Billing

Marketing Manager Sweden
Qred Bank AB

On a sunny day in southwestern Skåne, we visited the customer Byggtjänst in Veberöd, owned and operated by Tomas and Sofie. It is a family-owned company that was founded in 1978 and has stayed in the family ever since.

We are incredibly proud to be able to carry on what my father once started. In fact, he still helps out from time to time, even though he's retired," says Sofie.

Qred visits the couple and their company in their fresh premises in Vellinge, which is located about 5 miles from the town of Veberöd, from which the company name suggests they are based. The family also live not far from the premises, which makes everyday life with children and life puzzles easier.

There is a lot of history in our name and many old customers who come back. Changing the name just because we are no longer based in Veberöd was not an option," continues Sofie.

And they are probably right! There's a lot to be gained from keeping a name that has stuck and it can be difficult to make a name change without expecting negative effects.

Sofie and Tomas who own and run Byggtjänst in Veberöd in front of one of their cars


The company has many employees and there is a lot to buy. Materials, tools and maybe a cup or two of coffee. With Qred VISA, it's easier for the company to have more cards that employees can use and get everything on one invoice.

1% cashback

In addition, getting 1% cashback deducted directly from the next monthly invoice is very nice, according to Sofie and Tomas.

Pay bills and invoices directly in the app

The company has also used the feature to pay other bills and invoices directly in the app, using the card's linked credit.

How has it worked? 

It has worked very well. It's smooth. It extends the time a bit, which makes it easier to get the money from customers before you have to spend it," Tomas explains.

It's really easy to pay your bills and invoices directly in the app. Read more about paying bills in the app.

Many thanks to Sofie, Tomas and the gang at Byggtjänst in Veberöd for letting us come by for a cup of coffee and hear more about the company. The future looks really bright and don't hesitate to contact Sofie and Tomas if you need help with projects in Skåne! 😃

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