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Qred enables financing for your customers

Help your customers invest and grow by offering fast and flexible financing - partner with Qred today!
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What does a partnership with Qred mean?

Partnering with Qred means helping other entrepreneurs find fast and reliable financing for their business needs. We offer flexible financing solutions with no start-up fees or hidden costs, helping entrepreneurs build their future with the right financing options.

Through our partners, we reach more entrepreneurs and more entrepreneurs are helped to reach us.
It can be as simple as an additional loan for leasing a company car, equity financing or purchasing products and services. Whatever your financing needs, Qred offers the tools to make your business better by enabling financing for your customers as an additional service.

In addition, our partners are rewarded with commissions for each successful referral, making a partnership with Qred the smart choice for both you and your customers.
  • The best thing about partnership with Qred is the mutual desire to drive things forward. I highly recommend contacting Qred if you are interested in additional revenue. As partners, they are very flexible.
    Jarno Paananen
  • Marketing often requires a significant investment before they get results. With Qred, customers can split the investment cost over several months, making the purchase decision easier for them. This way we can start faster and start getting the results.
    Eero Peurala
  • We have been a partner of Qred for several years and it has been great! Very good communication and good offers to our customers that have helped them drive their business forward.
    Björn Ljungberg

Benefits of a partnership with Qred:

  • Possibility to sell more products/services to other companies
  • Less friction, more conversions in your sales pipeline
  • No cost, no commitment, no effort - just rewarding opportunities
  • Commission for each successful recommendation (approved loan/card)
  • Qred is fully responsible for the financial risk

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It is as easy to become a partner of Qred as it is to apply for a business loan with Qred.
Contact our partnership team here to find out more about the profitable opportunities for you and your customers.
Maja Nilsson, Partnerships Manager for Sweden

Maja Nilsson

Partnerships Manager

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How do you want your customers to apply?

We offer partners two ways of onboarding customers into Qred:
Application Form
Add the Qred widget to your page. You can also customize and add your logo and brand if desired.
An application form is automatically created for you.
Integrate your software with the Qred API.
Your service will be able to interact directly with Qred's API to gain new customers.

Need further help?

Landing page
We build and maintain a dedicated landing page for your personal application form.
Partner portal
Access our partner portal, where you can add customers right away!

Frequently asked question

What are the benefits of a partnership with Qred?

As a Qred partner, you have several advantages. Firstly, you are entitled to a commission for each successful recommendation (accepted loan). Secondly, a partnership with Qred is the perfect opportunity to expand your business reach and broaden your customer base. For example, do you sell goods or services to other businesses, such as company vehicles, IT services or supplies? Then a partnership with Qred will help your customers find fast and reliable financing to buy your products. Our partners help other businesses to grow, invest and innovate, while being rewarded for it: it's a win-win situation for everyone.

Benefits of the partnership:

  • Commission for each successful application (confirmed loan)
  • Attractive growth opportunities in a competitive market
  • Help your customers find quick financing for your products and/or services
  • Expand your business scope and broaden your customer base
  • Qred is fully responsible for the financial credit risk
  • Partner with the eighth fastest growing company in Europe
  • Benefit from expertise on how to maximise your potential as a partner with Qred

How do you become a partner of Qred?

Registering as a partner is as easy as applying for our business loans! You can quickly and easily enter your interest through our partner page by clicking on the "Become a partner" button and giving us your business information and contact information. Our partner manager will then take your application for immediate processing and contact you to discuss the possibilities further.

How does a partnership with Qred work?

A partnership with Qred is your perfect opportunity to be rewarded for helping other businesses (and your customers). The concept is simple: do you know any entrepreneurs who need a business loan? Refer them to Qred and encourage them to submit a non-binding and free loan application. If Qred makes them an offer and they accept, you are rewarded - as a referral partner - in the form of a commission. This means you can help other companies find quick financing to buy your products and services, expanding your customer base while rewarding you in the process.

Who can become a partner?

Companies that sell goods and/or services to other companies, such as leasing companies, IT services, warehousing and business items, professional cleaners, financial advisors, etc. are eligible for Qred partnerships. If you or your business cater to the corporate market, not the consumer market, you can become a Qred partner and help other companies find the right financing for your products.

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