Together we build the future 
Helping small business owners is something we at Qred do every day. By engaging in the operations and offering a variety of services, entrepreneurs get the opportunity to create growth in their companies. All so they can focus on what they really care about - their businesses.
This is our passion and right now we are contributing to the growth of more than 12,000 small businesses. In this way, the
We create 10 jobs a day, 7 days a week.
We want to drive change where we can.
This is what we do to improve society, one step at a time.
Creating more jobs for small business owners
Empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs
End poverty
- once and for all
Actively work with measures to reduce climate impact

Hand in hand

Hand in Hand works to educate, mainly young people
and women, vulnerable through a focus on entrepreneurship. Through knowledge and will, companies can be started, developed, and poverty no longer becomes everyday life.

Read more about how Hand in Hand works here.

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Poverty is a reality in many parts of the world, and this is largely due to the lack of jobs. One solution is the combination of education, entrepreneurship and belief that the will and ability is in those who get an opportunity.

Here, Hand in Hand works to help people create and influence their own living conditions – with their own power, but also with a little help from us. Both Qred and Hand in Hand are convinced that entrepreneurship is the way out of poverty.

Together we have sponsored Ngusishi Village in Kenya. In the village, residents have been taught how to run and develop their own businesses, which has made Ngusishi Village full of entrepreneurs who are now completely self-sufficient.
Muturi lusen self-help group and Ndemu clan during multi storey demonstration training

During the project,:

  • More than 350 members
    In the village, they have been taught
  • 218 companies started
    339 jobs were created.
  • Of these supervised entrepreneurs, 4/5 are women.

Women are central to development work as they have an important social and economic impact on both the family, but also society. Studies show that women spend 90% of their income on family, therefore their development and education is one of the solutions in the fight against poverty. By providing long-term solutions such as education and networks, we are one step closer to ending poverty. Meet Faith who lives in Ngusishi:

Faith Kinya tells how she saw life as a challenge full of unrest regarding both food and finances. Today it is a different story, with education as the starting point and self-confidence as the final product. Faith has become a true entrepreneur and develops her business as a farmer on a daily basis.

Watch Hand in Hands video to learn more about their vision.

Another chapter - Mutunyi Village

Qred wants to continue to drive change and has therefore chosen to continue its cooperation with Hand in Hand and their vision of combating poverty in the long term through entrepreneurship education. Ngusishi Village has proven itself by becoming completely independent, but a large part of the population of Meru province in which the village is located is still unemployed.

Therefore, Qred sponsors the village of Mutunyi Village located in the same province of Kenya. Today, Mutunyi Village is made up of small-scale farmers who often feel a concern about food and money. With Hand in Hand, they will learn how to run and develop businesses. This gives the inhabitants of the village the opportunity to take control of their economy and their lives, and thus they can also become completely independent.

Growth Stockholm

Growth Stockholm was founded to give more local small businesses the opportunity to develop as entrepreneurs. By expanding their operations, more jobs can be created and integration increased.

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For many people, having a job can feel like a given, but that's not the case for everyone.
Unemployment and exclusion are common in the suburbs around Stockholm. That's why there's the Growth Stockholm Foundation.

In its work, Tillväxt Stockholm wants to support the local small business community to be able to develop their operations. By bringing in established actors and leaders from the business community as advisors, companies can get support in areas where there is currently a lack of capacity, knowledge and competence.

When small business owners can receive support in recruitment, for example, inclusion in society can increase, and more people will have the opportunity to enter the labour market as new jobs are created. We at Qred know that entrepreneurship is the key to more jobs, and together with Tillväxt Stockholm, more small businesses now have the opportunity to succeed.

"Support for small businesses and their entrepreneurs – the key to more jobs and greater inclusion"

It was in our shared view of the importance of entrepreneurs in society that Tillväxt Stockholm and Qred's collaboration took off. Among other things, we will provide broader advice, dedicated mentoring and much more, all to help smaller companies take the next step in their operations.

In 3.5 years, over 530 jobs have been created through Growth Stockholm. The goal is over 1,000 jobs in 5 years.
Of course, we want to be supportive of that, so let's go! 💚

Essay scholarship

Once a year, Qred announces a scholarship with the aim of highlighting issues related to small business and entrepreneurship. The aim is to research the entrepreneurial sectors in which Qred operates with innovative questions. Last year, 30,000 papers were written, of which only 27 were about small entrepreneurs. Now we are turning to undergraduate and postgraduate students to shine the spotlight on entrepreneurs.
Want to know more? Read more here.

Breakit Impact Challenge

For us at Qred, sustainability is important. Becoming a more climate-smart operator is therefore high on our list of ways to act more sustainably. In both 2019 and 2020, we therefore participated in the BreakIt Impact Challenge, where companies take on various challenges to become more climate-smart over the course of five weeks. The different steps were:

🚲 Climate-smart travel
📦 Green suppliers
💚 Sustainable business model
🌱 Sustainable workplace
♻️ Climate Competence Station