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What can the card be used for?

Make your business purchases easier with Qred VISA. The credit card can be used anywhere. Whether you use it for purchases or to pay your bills, you'll always have the money you need. And the best part? It's all on one invoice that comes once a month.

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Sole proprietorship, now also known as sole trader, is the second most common type of company in Sweden. It is the simplest form of business, it is free to start and your company number is the same as your personal identity number.

Did you know that a credit card for sole traders can make it even easier?

Sole proprietorship in an easy and convenient way 

Contractors value every second on the gold scale, they have to manage administration, marketing, sales and in some cases staff. These are time-consuming tasks that you'd like to make more convenient, but did you know that a business card can help you along the way?

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What can I use a business card for?

A company card can be used for all purchases made by your company , both digitally and in real life. A large number of our customers are sole traders, and while you'll know what your business needs, we'd like to give examples of what our other customers have used the card for.

  • Purchase of materials & equipment
  • Software
  • Electricity bills
  • Vehicles
  • Machinery
  • Repairs
  • Marketing
  • Rent
  • Coffee 😉

Why should I use the Qred business card for sole traders?

Qred's credit card allows you to collect all your expenses in one place. It gives you a simple overview of your finances, you can spend time developing your business instead of dealing with administration. It also comes with many perks and benefits!

  • Collect purchases: with a credit card you collect all your purchases on one invoice.
  • Multicard: you can have several cards for your employees and their purchases are also collected on the same invoice.
  • Cashback: with our card you save when you spend, you get 1% back on all your purchases. 
  • Interest-free period: with the Qred credit card you get 45 interest-free days.
  • Credit limit: personal credit assessment without UC with a maximum limit of 2 000 000 SEK. 
  • No fees: you pay no annual fee, user fee or currency surcharge.
  • Bankgiro: the card works with all bankgiros.  

The big banks have always been unwilling to take the risk, which has made it difficult for small entrepreneurs. We have made it possible for small business owners to get a credit card under reasonable circumstances. What we write is what applies, there are no hidden costs or surprises. 

How do I pay with my credit card? 

You can use our credit card just like your regular debit card. Link it to online payments, use it at physical card terminals or for bills and invoices via our app

Payments in the app are made in 5 quick steps!

  1. Log in to the app: it's safe, fast, secure and done with your mobile BankID.
  2. Press pay.
  3. Fill in the recipient's details: add bankgiro number, OCR number or message, amount and due date.
  4. Verify your payment & sign: check that everything is correct and sign with BankID.
  5. Sure! Payment takes only 1-2 business days. 

How do I get a business card for a sole trader?

Applying with us takes just 1 minute, is free, non-binding and once everything is ready, you will receive the card within a few days. 

Is there anything I can't use the company card for?

You cannot withdraw cash with the card and you can only make payments to companies that have a Swedish Bankgiro. 

Do you need a business loan? 

If you want to grow your business, you often need to invest. This can be costly, and a business loan can be a useful tool when liquidity is tight. If you need a business loan, you can combine it with a business card to get a clear overview of your entire finances by logging into MyQred

Are you interested in a business loan? Our application is free, non-binding and takes just 1 minute - apply here

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