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How Qred's app works

The Qred app allows you to manage and keep track of everything related to your Qred VISA.

In the near future, the app will be updated with even more features related to all Qred products and services.

See all expenses

The app collects all purchases and payments you have made with your Qred VISA. To make it as easy as possible for you to keep track of your finances.

Manages your card settings

Set daily spending limits and block your card if necessary.

Do you have questions?
Here are our most set:

Do I need Qred's app?
If you have Qred's credit card, you'll need the app to manage its settings. This is where you activate your card, can temporarily block the card, see your transaction history, and more.
Who do I contact if I have a problem with the app?
Do not hesitate to contact our customer team at
Tel: +46 (0)20-150 333
Email: support@qred.se
Or directly via the chat
How do I connect my Qred VISA to the app?
You need your card to connect with the app. Once you have your card, tap "Activate my card" in the app and enter the last four digits of the card number.
How do I block my card?
Follow these steps:

- Open Qred's app
- Identify yourself
- Go to the Card screen
- Click Change card settings
- Click Block Card
- Turn on Block Card
- Confirm

Note! The blocking in the app is only temporary and you need to call customer support to block your card permanently and order a new card.
Can I set a limit on how much I can spend?
Yes, you can set a 24-hour limit. For example, if you have set a limit of 10 000 sek, you can carry out any number of transactions during that 24 hours as long as their value together does not exceed 10 000 sek.

Download our Qred app

Download the Qred app and get started with your Qred VISA today!

App Store DownloadGoogle Play Download
Scan the QR code to download the Qred app and get started today!
Qred VISA and the app in an iPhone

Qred Visa,
now with Apple Pay!

Finally, Apple Pay has come to Qred VISA. Now you can quickly and easily link your virtual card to your digital wallet on your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Macbook.

Don't wait for your physical plastic card - get started today with your virtual card directly in the app! 

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Manage your receipt management with the Qred app

Most contractors have a pile of receipts somewhere in the workplace, filled with paper receipts from purchases made years ago. It's almost a full-time job to keep track and separate old from new, know which receipt belongs to which purchase, and make sure nothing gets broken or lost.

Fortunately, there is a solution - expense management in our app! (included in the app, at no extra cost)

If your company uses our Qred Visa credit card, you can now collect and save company receipts digitally in the Qred app in just a few seconds. All you have to do is take a picture of the receipt, and you'll have a digital copy saved - directly in the app. Digital receipts allow you to save time and make life easier for both you and your employees.

In this article we go through:

  • Advantages of digital receipts
  • How to use our expense management system
  • How your employees can use the feature
  • What applies to digital and paper receipts

Advantages of digital receipts

Digital receipts have many benefits. They make it easier to keep track of your business expenses and allow you to look at past purchases to find warranties, review finances and more.

When you use our service, you collect all your expenses in one place. We send a summary to your email every month, containing all the purchases your company has made that month. This gives you a good, simple and neat overview that makes it easier to keep track.

Scanning receipts digitally also reduces the chance of errors. Since the camera adds the receipt, there is no risk of you entering the wrong numbers, dates or similar.

But perhaps most importantly , it saves you time, money and headaches. The time you used to spend manually managing receipts can be spent on other things that make your business grow!

How to use Qred's expense management

Let's say you have made a purchase in a shop and received a paper receipt. Now create a digital copy in 5 easy steps!

You can find our app on the App Store or Google Play.

Done! The receipt has now been scanned and added to the expense report. If you made a mistake, you can go back and change your expense (step 5), but please note that this must be done within the selected expense period (before you receive your monthly report).

Monthly report and accounts

We send you your expense report at the same time as we send you your monthly bill. However, we know that different companies have different needs. Something that suits one may not suit another. Therefore, we have made it possible for you to choose when you receive them!

Let's go into detail on how it works. You have two options to choose from:

  • A) Mid-month - e.g. January 15 to February 15.
  • B) Beginning, to the end of the month - e.g. January 1 to January 31.

So if you have chosen A), your expenses will start being added up from 15 January and continue until 15 February (the date you receive your expense report + monthly statement). After that, the next period will run from 15 February to 15 March - and so on.

If you choose B) , it works the same way but with different dates - from the beginning of the month to the end. So your expenses are added together from January 1 to January 31 (31st you get the expense report + monthly statement). The next period starts on February 1 and continues until February 28 - and so on.

Your expense report is sent as an excel file (.xlsl) to the email address registered by the owner of the first Qred Visa, before ordering the card. You can easily forward the report directly to your accounting company without having to do anything extra, as all the information is already included.

Can my employees scan and document their purchases digitally?

Yep, it works perfectly well! We have a feature we call multicard, which gives you the opportunity to distribute cards to your employees (at no extra cost) and still collect all purchases in one place. You don't have to lend your own credit card and all your employees have to do is scan the receipt and you can access it directly in the app!

Do I need to keep my paper receipt if I have scanned it?  

The short answer is - yes. A digital receipt counts as a fully acceptable proof of purchase, but it's still not quite enough.

According to Swedish law, receipts, bills and other types of supporting documents need to be kept for a total of 7 years, after the calendar year in which the financial year ended - in the form in which you received it at the time of purchase. This means that if you buy something online and receive a digital receipt immediately, the digital receipt is sufficient.

If you buy something in a shop instead and receive a paper receipt, you need to save that paper receipt, even if you scan and create a digital copy via our app.

Nevertheless, it is still beneficial to make digital copies!

In addition to the benefits mentioned earlier in this article, digital receipts allow you to reduce the time you need to save your paper receipts. You need to keep a receipt for a total of 7 years, this is required by law and cannot be changed. The difference is that if you scan a receipt with our app and create a digital copy, you are only required to keep the paper receipt for the first 3 years. For the remaining 4, a digital copy is enough!

However, in all likelihood, you won't need to save paper receipts at all in the future! The government is examining and discussing whether to update the current laws on this and it looks like the end of paper receipts could be near! Might as well start now, right?

Do my employees have to keep their paper receipts?

The short answer is yes - the same rules apply to all company expenses, regardless of who makes them. The receipt needs to be kept for a total of 7 years, but if your employee scans their receipt, you only need to keep the original format (paper receipt) for 3 years. For the remaining 4 years, the digital copy is sufficient.


Let's look at a quick summary of what our expense management does for you!

  • Collects all expenses in one place.
  • The feature is free and included in our app.
  • You can scan receipts and create digital copies.
  • Reduces the risk of error.
  • Digital receipts make it easier to manage and file expenses.
  • You save time and money.
  • Don't worry about losing receipts.
  • Gives you easy-to-use monthly reports of your purchases that you can easily add to your accounting.
  • It's free - the feature comes automatically with your Qred Visa!

Good luck with the company!

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