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Here you can read our most frequently asked questions about Corporate Loans
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Select the power of attorney template above if you need an external person to download documentation on behalf of your company. This includes balance sheets, invoice copies, or an account compilation.
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Select the power of attorney template above for other matters or if you want an external person to assist you in administration about your loan with us.

What is the interest rate for the business loan?

The cost of borrowing money and the lender's return on lending. There are fixed and variable interest rates, just like for other loans. At Qred, we don't charge interest. We have a fixed monthly fee.

So our loans do not have a separate interest charge. A fixed monthly fee is paid each month as the cost of the loan. No other fees are added. The fixed monthly fee is individual and is based on your Qred Score. The company's Qred Score is based on many parameters and we make an overall assessment of each application. The loan has no binding period, start-up fees or other hidden fees.

More on how the interest rate on business loans is determined

The pricing of business loans, i.e. the interest rate and fees the company has to pay, is set by lenders such as banks and financial companies.

There are hundreds of lenders on the Swedish market. To find the right lender for your business, you need to understand how they work. We have made an illustrative example:

The Dinosaurs - These are traditional lenders who essentially only care about one thing: What assets can be pledged as security for the loan that the lender can seize in the event that the company cannot repay the loan? For example, if your company wants to borrow SEK 500 thousand, you need to pledge, for example, a house worth at least 600 thousand. Pledging is done through mortgage deeds and business mortgages.

Being a dinosaur in the loan market is a successful strategy and has worked for thousands of years. The problem is that it completely fails to assess the viability of the company and its business idea, which excludes a large proportion of Swedish entrepreneurs from the loan market. Sadly, many Swedish banks still act like dinosaurs.

The calculators - There are many factors that come into play when assessing a company's likelihood of being able to repay its business loan. For example, statistically speaking, lending to new businesses is more risky than lending to old businesses; a business with a payment default is more risky than a business without one. And so on. Calculators have analyzed hundreds of factors and believe they can assess the risk of each company by analyzing hundreds of parameters. By automating the whole process, the manual cost can be reduced and even small loans become profitable.

Broadly speaking, the parameters can be divided into four different categories:

Company stability
  • Activities in number of years
  • Seasonal variations
  • Dependent on the economic cycle
  • Customer dependency
Key financial indicators
  • Turnover
  • Profit
  • Growth
  • Profit margins
Payment history
  • Payment practices
  • Defaulting on payments
  • Debt balance or seizure
  • History of representatives
Cash flow and liabilities
  • Size of the debt
  • Type of debt and loan
  • Debt trend
  • Debt to turnover ratio

The Realists - This is the new generation of lenders. Unlike banks, they do not have a large cost base of staff and bank branches, but can handle a large amount of small loans by using digital technology.

Unlike the dinosaurs, there is no emphasis on traditional collateral, but instead a qualified assessment of the business model and the person or persons behind the company. Modern lenders such as Qred always perform a manual final assessment where factors such as the entrepreneur's experience, drive and skills are taken into account in the overall assessment. As a result, the new realists are able to provide loans to businesses that wouldn't have been able to borrow from either the dinosaurs or the calculators, while keeping the rate of bad payers low.

How much can I borrow?

Qred offers loans 10,000 SEK to 2,000,000 SEK. Make an application to find out what you can borrow.

I want to take out a loan to start a business. Is that possible?

It is not possible to take out a business loan to start your business. When you have a registered and active company, you can get a corporate loan with us.

I don't have a Swedish bank. Can I get a business loan from Qred?

No, you must have an account with a Swedish bank in order to get a business loan from us.

Can I resolve the loan early?

Absolute! We think that you should reward anyone who wants to resolve a credit early. That is why we do not have a fixed term or early redemption fee for our corporate loans. Therefore, pay back the entire loan early at no additional cost or any hidden fees.

When you wish to pay out, you should contact customer service who will send you a final invoice.

It is covered by your remaining loan amount and the current monthly fee.

How do I pay back?

You can easily pay by following the instructions on the invoice we have sent you. If you are unsure how much to pay, what date applies or similar, you can log in to My Pages.

If you have any questions, you can always call us on 020-150 333, email or chat with us here on the website. We are open Mon-Fri between 07:00-17:30.

How do I apply for a business loan?

It's easy to apply for a business loan and only takes 60 seconds. In addition, it is free of charge. You'll get started with 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill in the application (desired amount, corporate identity number, e-mail and mobile number). The application is free of charge and not binding.
  2. Send any additional information. Loan statements are usually given within 1 hour during normal business hours.
  3. You choose whether you want to proceed after receiving a loan notification. Once you have approved the loan with your BankID, the money will be paid out, normally already on the same day.

How do I contact Qred?

You can contact us by calling 020-150 333, emailing or chatting with us here on the website. We are open Mon-Fri between 07:00-17:30.

What is Qred?

Qred is the new way to borrow money and get financing for your company. All Swedish companies can apply for loans up to SEK 2,000,000 without having to go to the bank. Normally you will receive a notification within an hour and we will pay out the money on the same day. You pay a fixed amount each month with no hidden fees and you can repay the loan at any time without additional fees (you only pay for the months you have the loan). The monthly fee is individual and depends on your qred score. For each month started, you pay back on the loan, the so-called amortization,and the fixed monthly fee.

What are the costs of a business loan from Qred?

Qred does not have a standard rate, but we make individual assessments for each company – we offer them a personal quote that best matches their needs. Qred offers full transparency and loan terms that are easy to understand. For example, we have no start-up costs, hidden fees, and we don't work with binding times. Instead, customers have the option to repay the loan in full at any time, allowing business owners to retain control of their finances.
What do our customers pay each month? We charge a standard fee for our loans (based on the duration of the loan, individual credit rating and amount) in combination with a standard depreciation. Combine the two (service + depreciation) and it's the usual monthly payments without unexpected surprises. Clear, simple and transparent: that's why smart entrepreneurs choose Qred for business loans and financing.

Where do I apply for F-tax?

To take out a business loan, your company must be approved for F-tax. It is easy to apply via the tax office.

  1. Go to (the Swedish Tax Agency's website).
  2. Click on "Apply for, change or withdraw F-tax".
  3. Log in.
  4. Choose your company.
  5. Then click through step by step until you get to apply for F-tax. 

You can see how to do it by watching the video. 

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