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Qred helped me keep what I had in a period that was tough.
Joakim and Erik, Kvalitetsfog
Thanks to Qred, we were able to lease our company car and pay salaries.
Qred got in touch after a day and made a loan proposal. It felt like a fair deal!

How can you use a bank loan for small businesses?

In the fall of 2023, Qred became a bank. This means we can become even more competitive.

A loan from Qred can help your business whether you want to invest in growth or get out of a tough spot.

Hiring more staff

Invest in machinery
and tools

When you need more working capital

10 000 up to 2 million SEK

Qred's loans are for all small businesses, whether you have a sole proprietorship, limited company or partnership. Our loans can meet your company's needs small and large, with loan amounts ranging from 10 000 SEK all the way up to 2 million SEK!

How does it work?

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After you apply, we'll get back to you within an hour. You'll then see your company's specific loan offer and what the monthly fee will be.


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If you choose to accept the offer, you simply sign with your BankID and receive the money in your account the same day!


No binding time

If you no longer need the loan, you can repay the full amount at any time without extra costs.

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Frequently asked question

How much does a business loan cost?

Our loans always have a fixed monthly fee based on your company's individual Qred Score. Read more about Qred Score here.

Who can apply for a business loan?

All forms of company can apply for a loan. It does not matter if the company is new or old, large or small - any company can make an application. All that is required is an active and registered company.

What can I use my business loan for?

Whether you're going to use the loan for working capital or invest to grow, we're here for you. Apply and digitally sign your offer and you'll get the money paid out the same day!

Do you take UC when applying for a business loan?

We do not take a credit report via UC on you as a private person. However, we do take a credit report through UC if you are applying with a limited company. Otherwise, we always use Creditsafe. This is a microcredit report that does not negatively affect your creditworthiness as a private individual, as it is only shared with you and Qred.

Fair pricing

With a loan from Qred, the only cost of the loan is a fixed monthly fee. The monthly fee is determined individually based on the size of the loan and your company's creditworthiness. To see what your monthly fee will be, fill out a non-binding loan application here.

Fixed price
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Bank loans for small businesses don't have to be difficult

Getting a bank loan for your business, no matter how old or big it is, shouldn't be too difficult.

Amortization-free months

We understand that things can happen in the life cycle of a business. That's why we can often offer repayment holidays for a limited period of time. As long as you pay the fixed monthly fee every month, you can, in some cases, pause your repayments to us.

Good, huh? 

Bank loans to businesses are designed to help companies finance their operations, invest in growth and address short-term and long-term economic challenges.

Types of bank loans to businesses

There are different types of bank loans for businesses that can be tailored to the needs and objectives of the business. The most common ones include:

  1. Short-term loans: These loans are intended to help businesses address immediate financial needs, such as covering payroll costs or dealing with short-term cash flow problems. They are usually repaid within a few months or up to 2-3 years. Qred's tune. We don't want you to have the loan for longer than you need. That's why we have no lock-in period or early repayment charges for our bank loans.
  2. Long-term loans: These loans are for several years and are usually used for larger investments, such as buying equipment, building facilities or expanding the business. They are usually available when you are a bit bigger and from the traditional big banks. Often with a fixed term, meaning you can be stuck with a loan for a long time.
  3. Flexible rate loans: the interest rate on these loans is linked to a reference rate, usually the current market rate. This means that the interest rate can change over time. This is complicated to keep track of for you as an entrepreneur.
  4. Fixed rate loans: these loans have a fixed interest rate throughout the loan period, giving businesses predictability in their borrowing costs. Qred's solution. It is easy for you to know exactly how much you will pay each month. We call it a fixed monthly fee. No hidden costs, no start-up fees, no extra fees for early repayment or variable interest charges. Just a simple and straightforward fixed monthly fee.
  5. Secured bank loans: These loans require an asset (such as real estate or equipment) as collateral for the loan. If the company cannot repay the loan, the bank can take the asset.
  6. Unsecured bank loans: These loans do not require collateral in the form of assets, but usually have higher interest rates to compensate for the increased risk to the bank. Usually secured by a personal guarantee.

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