Pay bills and invoices with a credit card

The easiest way to pay suppliers

Pay bills and invoices with your Qred Visa - even if the supplier or vendor doesn't accept card payments.

Get the card!

Why pay with money from your account today, when you can pay later - for free!

How does it work?

The app allows you to pay bills and invoices to your bankgiro in Sweden. It takes no more than a minute!

Use the credit card for up to 45 interest-free days and as long as you pay your balance on time, it won't cost you a single penny!

Free payments

Quick and easy

Postpone your payment

Advantages of paying invoices with Qred VISA

Use the credit card's interest-free period - up to 45 days

Pay to bankgiro in Sweden

Pay all kinds of bills - utility bills, supplier invoices and more

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How do I pay a bill or invoice by credit card?


Log in to the app
Go to the Qreds app and log in quickly, safely and securely with your mobile BankID.


Press "Pay"
You can pay to a bankgiro.


Fill in the recipient details
Add bankgiro number, OCR number or message, due date and amount.


Get an overview of your payment and sign
Check that everything is correct and sign with BankID.


It takes 1-2 banking days for the payment to be processed.

Now you can pay your bills and invoices by credit card (Qred VISA)

Don't have our credit card today? Don't worry!

Free credit card with no
monthly or annual fee

Collect all your expenses on one invoice

Fast, secure and easy application

Get the Qred VISA!

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