Paying bills and invoices with a company card

The easiest way to pay suppliers

Pay bills and invoices with your Qred VISA* - even if the supplier or vendor does not accept card payments.

*Qred does not provide such a service, but the Qred VISA corporate card is compatible with such services if it handles cards issued by VISA.
Get the Qred VISA!

Why pay with money from your account today, when you can pay later?

How does it work?

There are many services that support the payment of bills and invoices through a credit card. Qred does not provide this service itself, but the Qred VISA business card supports such payments through other services.

Pay to accounts

Quick and easy

Postpone your payment

Advantages of paying invoices with Qred VISA

Use the business card's interest-free period - up to 45 days

Not only online and offline - also to accounts!

Paying bills and invoices with compatible services

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