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Company card for workshops

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What can the card be used for?

Make your business purchases easier with Qred VISA. The credit card can be used anywhere. Whether you use it for purchases or to pay your bills, you'll always have the money you need. And the best part? It's all on one invoice that comes once a month.

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No matter what your company manufactures or repairs, we have the business card for you. 

We solved a problem for everyone who runs a workshop

Access to credit cards has always been a problem for small businesses. The traditional big banks take a long time and set sky-high requirements that are difficult to meet. At Qred, we saw this as a problem. A business card should be reasonable for all small businesses to get access to, it should contain fair terms and conditions, be quick to obtain and feel secure. 

Do you know how we solved the problem? We created our own credit card. 

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What can I use a company card for my workshop?

Many of our customers run workshops of various kinds. Everyone has their own needs, and you probably know what you want to spend your money on. We make no demands on what you use the card for, you can use it for all payments . This can include, for example:

  • Purchase of machinery, tools & materials
  • Invoices
  • Bills
  • Rent of premises
  • Marketing
  • Fuel

Why should I use the Qred business card for my workshop?

Our credit card is designed for small businesses. It allows you to save time and gives you a clear and simple overview of all your purchases, while giving you access to many benefits.

  • Collect purchases: all your purchases are collected on a single invoice, which arrives once a month.
  • Multicard: you can use multiple cards, for employees or partners, and still collect the purchases on a single invoice.
  • Cashback: you save when you spend, we give you back 1% on all your purchases.
  • Interest-free period: our corporate card comes with 45 interest-free days.
  • Credit limit: we make a personal assessment and have a maximum limit of SEK 2,000,000.
  • No fees: no annual fee, user fee or currency surcharge.
  • Bankgiro: the card works with all Swedish bank giros. 

Does it feel a bit too good?

In fact, we have received some concerns and questions about whether there are any hidden costs behind the card. To be as transparent and clear as possible, we want to clarify - there are no hidden fees or similar . We have nothing to gain from playing dirty, it would hurt both us and our customers in the long run.
Our business card is a reasonable credit card that works for both us and you who run a workshop. It's a win-win!

How do I pay with my credit card? 

You can use the credit card just like your regular bank card, online or in a card terminal at Byggmax and similar stores. Our app is also available so you can easily pay invoices and bills! It's done quickly in 5 easy steps. 

  1. Log in: fast, safe and secure via mobile BankID.
  2. Press pay.
  3. Fill in the recipient's details: add bankgiro number, OCR number or message, amount and due date.
  4. Get an overview of the payment & sign: if everything is correct, just sign with BankID.
  5. Done! The payment is completed within 1-2 banking days.

How to get a company card for your workshop?

We have made it as easy as possible for all workshops from north to south to get access to a company card. Applying is easy, you do it at the top of this page. It only takes 1 minute, is free, non-binding and once everything is done, you will receive the card within a few days.

Is there anything I can't use my credit card for?

You cannot use the card to withdraw cash or to make payments for companies that do not have a Swedish Bankgiro. 

Do you need a business loan? 

Do you want to buy new machines, tools or perhaps upgrade your premises? A business loan can help when you're short of cash. If you are interested, you can apply here. It's free, not tied up and1 minute. If everything looks good, you can have the money in your account the same day. 

If you need both a business loan and a business card, you can of course combine them. It gives you a good overview of all your expenses in one place in the app or via your login on MyQred.  

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