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Here you can read our most frequently asked questions about the credit card.
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Download Power of Attorney 1
Select the power of attorney template above if you need an external person to download documentation on behalf of your company. This includes balance sheets, invoice copies, or an account compilation.
Download Power of Attorney 2
Select the power of attorney template above for other matters or if you want an external person to assist you in administration about your loan with us.

What is expenditure management?

Expense management is a feature linked to Qred VISA and our app, which allows you to collect all your expenses in one place. Here you can manage all your company's expenses, both for you and for your employees. You virtually eliminate the need to manage receipts, saving you time that you can spend on growing your business instead. Great, right?

Is the expense management in Qred VISA linked to any accounting software?

Not right now. We are looking at solutions to integrate with different systems.

How do I manage an expense in the app?

After you have made a purchase with your Qred VISA, go to the last transaction in the app, click on the expense and select "Manage expense". You can then launch the camera on your mobile and take a picture of the receipt. Done! 

Once you've taken a picture, enter the category that describes the type of purchase and the amount of VAT in crowns. At the end of each invoice period, you will receive a report of all transactions that have been processed.

Do I need the Qred app to manage an expense?

Yes, you need two things to get started with expense management - a Qred VISA and our app.

Does it cost to manage expenses in the app?

No, there is no cost to use Qred's expense management.

Can I edit an expense?

If you have accidentally made a mistake, you can edit an expense directly in the app. The expense must be edited before the end of the monthly period (before the invoice is sent to you).

Do I still have to keep my paper receipts?

Yes, even if you have scanned your receipt and received a digital copy, Swedish law requires you to keep the receipt for 3 years after a new financial year.

Can I download an expenditure report?

Yes, at the end of each spending period your report will be sent to you. You will receive the report together with your Qred VISA invoice by email, to the address you provided when you applied for your Qred Visa.

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