How do I use my card safely?

Here are some tips for using your card safely:

  • Don't reveal your PIN to anyone
  • Don't take notes on or adjacent to your credit card
  • If you suspect that someone has obtained your PIN or someone unauthorized has used your card, report it immediately to Qred Customer Service.
  • Do not share card details with a point of sale whose reliability is suspicious 
  • Avoid using unknown computers or software for online purchases
  • Make sure you keep track of your card's transaction history to make sure everything is right
  • Only accept the transactions you recognize, regarding the others you will contact us
  • Use restricted access to e-wallet with PIN, password, or other additional security solution. 
  • Don't forget to block the card if you've lost it

But if the accident does occur... Then what do I do?
Below you will find the most common questions about what to do if someone has used your card or got hold of your PIN: