What are the costs of a business loan from Qred?

Qred does not have a standard interest rate, but we make individual assessments for each company - we offer them a personalized offer that best matches their needs. Qred offers full transparency and loan conditions that are easy to understand. For example, we have no start-up costs, hidden fees, and we don't work with lock-in periods. Instead, customers have the option to repay the loan in full at any time, allowing entrepreneurs to stay in control of their finances.
What do our customers pay each month? We charge a standard fee for our loans (based on the duration of the loan, individual credit rating and amount) combined with a standard amortization. Combine the two (service + amortization) and it's the usual monthly payments with no unexpected surprises. Clear, simple and transparent: that's why smart entrepreneurs choose Qred for business loans and financing.