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The application for the Qred scholarship is closed for this time.

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More research is needed!

4 out of 5 jobs are created by small business owners. They are thus the backbone and foundation of a well-functioning economy. Since its inception in 2015, we at Qred have helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs create growth in their businesses with the right type of financing.

We believe that entrepreneurship and small business deserve more spotlight and research.

That's why we're now establishing Qred's Scholarship. It will be awarded to a paper that deals with and examines entrepreneurship and/or small businesses.

Who can get the scholarship?

Qred's scholarship is awarded to a paper written to highlight and raise issues around entrepreneurship and running small businesses. The scholarship is intended to promote knowledge and innovation for the entrepreneurial industries in which Qred operates.

The scholarship is awarded to the individuals behind a research question that stands out from the crowd, which aims to highlight issues that have not yet been researched and which has chosen an interesting approach.

The value of the grant is:
10, 000 SEK

See full terms and conditions below.

Application & Criteria

To apply, you must be writing a bachelor's or master's thesis related to business and/or entrepreneurship.

In your application we would like you to submit:

Question with justification for why your issue is important to entrepreneurs and the business community at large.
Name, contact details, education and college/university.
Attach a valid certificate showing ongoing studies at a Swedish university.

See below for information on how we process your personal data and to read our privacy policy.

The application is open until May 31, 2024. For questions contact: scholarship@qred.com

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Former scholarship holders

Alva Jansson & Fanny Söderling
With the thesis: "The Diffusion of Electric Transport Solutions in Rural Zimbabwe: A Deep Dive into the Role, Challenges and Sustainable Prospects of the Rural Population".


"The Qred Scholarship of the Year is awarded to this paper for several reasons. The paper addresses the acute lack of accessible and reliable transportation infrastructure in rural Zimbabwe, which particularly affects women's livelihood opportunities and economic participation. Alva and Fanny present innovative solutions through the introduction of electric transportation options, which not only increase accessibility but also promote sustainable development. Finally, the paper offers concrete insights and recommendations to support the introduction of these solutions in practice, making it both relevant and enforceable. With its combination of research, innovation and practical focus, this paper deserves the recognition and support from us at Qred. We therefore award this year's essay grant to Fanny Söderling and Alva Jansson!" - Qred 's jury

Jesper Larsson & Camilla Hietanen
With the thesis: "How can risk factors for burnout be managed in the entrepreneurial sector"


"This year's scholarship from Qred is awarded to an essay that addresses a topic that we at Qred take very seriously, burnout. It is common for entrepreneurs to take on high workloads and the risk of burnout is particularly high in this group of people. The paper in question identifies the most effective coping mechanisms for burnout, and how these can be avoided without affecting the progress of new innovation. The paper presents qualitative interviews with both successful entrepreneurs and individuals with burnout. We see this as an instructive paper that is significant for the well-being of entrepreneurs in the industry. We therefore proudly award this year's scholarship to Jesper Larsson and Camilla Hietanen." - Qred's jury

Johanna Lagerlund


"This year's scholarship from Qred is awarded to an essay that addresses a highly topical issue in a very relevant sector. With her sharp challenge of the climate impact of the construction industry, she raises research questions that make us even more passionate about the subject. Like Qred, the author of the essay knows how important the climate is and is not content with the way things are today. She questions, challenges and concretizes the ways in which reuse and recycling is not sustainable. These are the kinds of questions the scholarship was established to answer. It is with this enthusiasm and her important questions that we proudly award this year's scholarship to Johanna Lagerlund." - Qred's jury

Full terms and conditions

  • The scholarship holders are appointed by a jury whose all participants work at Qred. The jury's decision is final and cannot be appealed.
  • The scholarship is SEK 10,000 where the full amount is paid at one time, i.e. not out periodically
  • In order to ensure the legitimacy of the applicants, an identity check will also be carried out on the scholarship holders. By applying, it is accepted that Qred carries out such checks.
  • Any winning tax is paid by the winner.
  • APPLICATION PERIOD: To be eligible and win a Qred's Scholarship, the applicant must apply for the Scholarship within the specified application period of September 13 - January 4, 2024.
  • APPLICATION: In order to qualify and win the Scholarship, the applicant's application must be complete and contain accurate information (see "Application").
  • THE APPLICANT: Qred processes personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ("GDPR") and other applicable data protection legislation. By sharing this information withQred, I agree to Qred's processing of personal data. For more information about how your personal data is processed, read more in our Privacy Policy.
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