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Business card for consultancy companies

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What can the card be used for?

Make your business purchases easier with Qred VISA. The credit card can be used anywhere. Whether you use it for purchases or to pay your bills, you'll always have the money you need. And the best part? It's all on one invoice that comes once a month.

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If you have your own consultancy, you know how stressful it can be to manage clients, deliveries, employees and sales at the same time. Our business card helps when time is simply not enough. 

For all types of consultancy firms

Consultants are of great benefit to the Swedish labor market, giving companies the opportunity to bring in expert support for a limited time. It is a fun and modern way to work, you get the opportunity to help several customers at the same time and the concept is available in most industries.  

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What can I use a business card for consultancies for?

We trust that you know what your company would use the business card for, industry and other factors play a big role. Nevertheless, we want to give you inspiration by showing examples of what our other customers have used our card for.

  • Invoicing
  • Certification of various kinds
  • Marketing
  • Rent
  • Purchase of computers
  • Software
  • Coffee 😉

Why should I use the Qred credit card for consultancies?

The Qred credit card allows you to have a simple and good overview of all your purchases. You'll save time that you can spend on your work and developing your business, and it comes with several benefits and advantages. 

  • Collect purchases: you get a clear overview and collect all your purchases on one invoice.
  • Multicard: if you want more cards to hand out to employees or partners, no problem. Everything ends up on the same invoice, smoothly and easily!
  • Cashback: you save when you spend and get 1% back on all your purchases.
  • Interest-free period: you can use the card for 45 days, completely interest-free.
  • Credit limit: our credit limit goes up to 2,000,000 kr but we make an assessment for each of our customers. Just make an application to see whatapplies to you.
  • No fees: there is no annual fee, user fee or currency surcharge.
  • Bankgiro: the card works with all bankgiros.   

Some people think there's something fishy behind the credit card, that it sounds a bit too good to be true. This is not the case, the fact is that we prioritize transparency as one of our core values, we don't do that. We've managed to develop a product that works well for us, has reasonable terms and conditions and adds something good for our customers. It's a win-win for both parties!

How do I make payments with my company card?

You can use it just like your regular bank card at a bank terminal or online. Our app also allows you to pay bills and invoices in 5 easy steps. 

  1. Login in the app: you can quickly log in with your mobile BankId. Safe and secure!
  2. Press pay. 
  3. Fill in the recipient's details: add the OCR number or message, the bank transfer number, the amount and the due date.
  4. Overview & sign: sign with BankID after checking that everything is correct.
  5. Sure! It only takes 1-2 banking days for the payment to be processed. 

How to get a company card for consultancies?

We give consultants and other small businesses the opportunity to get a credit card. Simply make an application at the top of this page. It only takes 1 minute, is free of charge and not binding. The card will be in your hands shortly!

Is there anything I can't use the company card for?

The card cannot be used to withdraw cash and can only be used to make payments to companies with a Swedish Bankgiro.

Do you need a business loan? 

A business loan can help when you want to invest and develop your business, such as buying new machinery, tools or hiring staff. If you are interested, you can make your application here. It's free, non-binding, takes 1 minute and if everything looks good, you can have the money in your account the same day! 

It is of course possible to combine both a business loan and a business card. You get a good overview of all your expenses in one place, in our app or on your MyQred page.

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