Interview with Kristina, Country Manager for Norway about partnerships

How has the year been for the Norwegian market?

It's been a fantastic year with an amazingly successful launch into the Norwegian market. 

It's very exciting to meet entrepreneurs who have big dreams and to be part of their growth journey. We are proud to offer flexible financing that leads to them fulfilling their dreams.

What do our customers cite as the biggest challenge to growth?

Access to finance and being treated with understanding by their private bank. Many of our clients are in the growth phase, but it costs a lot and they need liquidity to be competitive in the long term.

What kind of partner do our customers seem to be missing?

Our clients are experts at what they do and therefore often need help with accounting, marketing and more. So we think they need pillars and tools to succeed - maybe that's your business? 

Is it easy to become a partner with us? 

Yes, absolutely! We have a person responsible for each market who works with partnerships and can ensure a smooth process, even in the Norwegian market. 

What does it look like for 2023?

We have big plans for 2023 and are happy to be able to help more and more companies with their financing. We are also planning to launch several new products, which we hope both you and our customers will find interesting.