We say hello to a new colleague

Do you know what a hand, a Norwegian cat and Trelleborg have in common? We have the answer :)

Hello Maja and welcome to Qred. Who are you? 

I come from Trelleborg where I grew up and my family still lives and I myself moved to Sthlm 1,5 years ago. 

I've worked in both banking and tech, which seemed like a perfect equation to now develop here at Qred.

What are you going to do here at Qred? 

I'll be working in the most fun area of all, with your partners :)
With my strong commitment to long-term relationships and communication, I look forward to creating value-building partnerships that grow over time. 

What have you had to do in your first days? 

In addition to being thrown into learning all about Qred and our exciting partners, I've also been involved in some unexpected things, such as acting as a hand model in a commercial for Qred VISA. I've also learned to say both thank you (Bedaankt) and good evening in Dutch (Fijn avond) and I recently learned that the Norwegian word for cat is "Apekatt"

Well, there you go. A few quick ones: 

Stockholm or Trelleborg? Stockholm
Dog or cat? Dog

Summer or winter? Summer

Cash or credit? Credit

Movie or series? Series

Innovator or imitator? Innovator