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With Qred VISA, you pay a 0 kr monthly fee and save 1% on all purchases.

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Always 1% cashback
Save money on everything you buy for your business.
0 SEK monthly fee*
*As long as you do not choose installments. More info below.
Unlimited number of cards
Apply for more cards for employees whenever you need them - for free.
Collect receipts digitally
Get an expense report of all your purchases

The payment card for small businesses

The Qred business card saves you money on all your purchases.

It's simple - if you have made purchases worth 10,000 kr, you will receive an invoice for 9,900 kr.

Apply in 1 minute

No hidden costs

Start fee
Monthly fee
New card
Currency exchange surcharge
0 %
Minimum to pay
of monthly invoice
10 % or 500 SEK

If you want to use an installment plan, you will be charged an individually determined interest rate starting at 1.95% per month.

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Over 10,000 companies use Qred VISA

A great card with 1% cashback and no annual fee or currency surcharge, and the customer service is good in its treatment. Recommended!

- Johan Engman, Uppsala.
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Collect and manage all your receipts - digitally!

With our expense management, you get all your receipts digitally. Once you've bought something, all you have to do is take a picture of the receipt with your mobile. At the end of each month, you will receive a report with all your expenses. Great, huh?

Read more about Qred's expense management

Manage everything in the Qred app

Activate your card
View purchases and transactions
Manage card settings

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Frequently asked question

How much does the Qred business card cost?

The card is free of charge and has no monthly fee. Purchases have an average interest-free period of 45 days. Once a month you will receive an invoice with 14 days payment terms. You choose whether you want to pay the whole invoice at once (0% interest) or split it up (from 1.95% per month).

How do I manage an expense in the app?

After you have made a purchase with your Qred VISA, go to the last transaction in the app, click on the expense and select "Manage expense". You can then launch the camera on your mobile and take a picture of the receipt. Done! 

Once you've taken a picture, enter the category that describes the type of purchase and the amount of VAT in SEK. At the end of each invoice period, you will receive a report of all transactions that have been processed.

Can I pay invoices with my company card?

No, not with Qred. 

Do like thousands of other businesses

Try Qred VISA for free now. You will receive the physical card within 5-7 working days, but you can start using the virtual card right away. You can also add your card to your mobile wallet and pay with your virtual card anywhere contactless payments are accepted.
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Why did we create a credit card for entrepreneurs?

"Since we launched in 2015, we have helped more than 25,000 companies. Our goal is to constantly develop ourselves and our business to continue to strengthen our offering to help more businesses. Through the Visa membership, our product portfolio can be further broadened to fit our customers' everyday needs," says Emil Sunvisson, CEO of Qred."

Credit cards are a credit

The reason why it is so difficult for small businesses to get a business card with credit is that banks do not want to give credit to small businesses. And a credit card is a credit. It's as simple as that. The big banks want to make money on fees and not have to take risks. Unfortunately, the risks are highest when companies are at their lowest or are start-ups. That's why the type of company can be a decisive factor.

Remember never to spend money that you are not sure you will have in the future, it is better to save.

Credit cards are actually the first solution for BNPL - Buy Now, Pay Later

It is only in recent years that people have started talking about BNPL, but credit cards were actually the first solution for Buy Now, Pay Later. As early as 1914 in the United States, the first version of the credit card saw the light of day.

The difference between Visa and Mastercard?

General differences between Visa and Mastercard are:

  • Mastercard has slightly better international coverage and is accepted by more merchants than Visa. Although this figure doesn't affect you as a business owner in Sweden, as virtually everyone who accepts card payments in Sweden accepts Visa.
  • Visa prohibits merchants from charging an additional fee for purchases made with a Visa card. This is common practice for American Express and Diners cards in Sweden, where some merchants have decided to charge an additional fee for purchases made with these cards.
  • Visa also bans merchants from having a minimum amount for card purchases, which could affect kiosks, grocery stores and other businesses where you can buy cheap products.
  • Mastercard has a slightly better exchange rate than Visa. However, it is so marginal that it is more important for you as a cardholder to be aware of the currency surcharge applied by the card issuer or bank.

    In addition, Qred does not have an additional fee for purchases abroad.

Try us out! It's completely free!

You read that right. You can actually test the credit card for free. It costs nothing to apply or to get the card in your mailbox.

There is also no extra charge for paying with the card. The only cost is if you choose to use the credit linked to the card.

However, if you pay your bill on time every month, there is no extra charge. Just as if you had a regular debit card where the money is withdrawn from an account.

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