Investment loans to enterprises

Why does the company need to invest?

Traditionally, a distinction has been made between investing and spending, where investing provides lasting future value, while spending is often seen as wasteful. An investment is expected to produce a future return in the form of higher turnover, reduced costs and/or higher profits. Sometimes, an investment can be a matter of pure survival for the company.

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What should I consider when investing?

You should first think about what the proposed investment will add. What can your company achieve with the investment, compared to not making the investment. After that, make your investment calculation. It's easier than it sounds. It's a small calculation that shows how much more you'll earn and what return you'll get if you make the investment than if you don't make the investment.

For example, if your company invests SEK 100,000 and makes a profit of SEK 25,000 per year, the pay-back period is 4 years. The lower the pay-back, the better the investment.

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What can an investment loan be used for?

Only you know what your company needs to invest in to survive in the future. Some examples of uses are

  • Investment in new machinery and vehicles
  • Investment in new premises or renovation
  • Investment in marketing
  • Investment in new staff

Financing of investment in small enterprises

Small entrepreneurs can apply for investment loans. It is easy to finance small investments up to SEK 250,000. Apply for our business loan, and you can have the money you need today. No interest or set-up fees. If you need more than £250,000, you'll need to find other finance such as a truck lease, building loan or bank loan. Our business loans can still be useful to cover e.g. down payment for a larger financing.

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