Microloans to businesses

What is a microloan?

Small business owners who find it difficult to get a bank loan? We'll solve it!
A microloan is a loan to relatively small businesses. Originally used to stimulate small business in the developing world, microloans are just as suitable for Swedish small businesses.

A business microloan is a loan of up to SEK 250,000. It is suitable when small businesses have a temporary need for extra liquidity.
Microloans are mainly used when there is no collateral to pledge, such as real estate or capital goods.

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Microloans without UC?

payment remark? No problem! On Qred you can quickly and easily apply for a microloan from 10,000 kr up to 250,000 kr. It only takes a few minutes to apply and we promise to give you a quick answer. With us, you can apply for a microloan without UC. However, we take a credit check on the company and the company's representatives. After that, we make an assessment of whether the loan should be approved or not.

Our loans have no set-up fee, no commitment period, no hidden fees, no interest and fixed fee. Good, right?

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There is a difference between small businesses and small enterprises

Many banks and lenders beat themselves up for focusing on so-called SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). According to the EU, a small enterprise is one that has up to 50 employees and a medium-sized enterprise has up to 250 employees. When we at Qred talk about small businesses, we mean the very smallest businesses, with just a few or no employees. Unfortunately, this is a segment that many find unprofitable and is referred to by banks as micro-businesses.
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